The parameters comply with the practical requirements

Via the material and the cross-sections of the rings we have set the tension required for our practical application case. ROLL-RING chain tensioners are available for roller chains in compliance with DIN 8187, ISO 05 B-1 to ISO 20 B-1 and with ANSI Standard B29,1, No. 35 to 100.

If the chain drives with these standardized chains meet the desired installation requirements with regard to the number of teeth on the sprockets, the center distance and the number of chain elements, then you can be sure that sufficient tensing and damping as well as the reliable positioning and reversibility will be given.

ROLL-RING chain tensioners prestress the chains with static tension from the resilience of the elastic ring with additional dynamic resilience from the speed-related damping of the material. The ROLL-RING chain tensioners provide as much tension as necessary at low chain speeds and have reserves of tensioning and damping capacity for higher chain speeds.

Static and dynamic tension

With regard to the chain speed all ROLL-RING chain tensioners can be used up to the maximum speed limits specified by the chain manufacturers for manual lubrication and for drip lubrication for their high-performance chains. The laterally opened teeth on the toothed cog of the ROLL-RING chain tensioners dampen the roll impact in the chain intake.

Moreover, because of an elastic closing movement, they prevent a direct contact of the chain with the bottom area of the roll bed. This prevents a transmission of heat from the warm chain to the plastic ring. The teeth are aired and function with increasing speed similar to a cooling fan deducting the air from chain contact.


With the material mixture and the manufacturing technology we have therefore given the ROLL-RING chain tensioners a high chemical resistance, flexibility in cold temperatures, stability in warm temperatures and stability against ultra-violet radiation. Our product series ”ROLL-RING General Mechanical Engineering” (UV stable) and ROLL-RING “Agricultural Machines/Communal Engineering” (enhanced UV stability) result from this technology. The ROLL-RING chain tensioners are extremely resistant to wear and tear. In permanent tensile tests the bases of technical reliability and the quality of these innovative products were realized prior to launching the product on the market in 1995. These tests have led to products, which hardly reflect any measurable or visible wear and tear in long-year permanent operation.

In comparison with the unused ROLL-RING from the same production batch the used ROLL-RING only reflects a spring constant, which is 3.0 % higher after 31,500 operating hours due to the slightly hygroscopic material. There are no indications to indicate the end of life as a result of wear and tear.

Cut-out section of an unused comparison part from the same production batch.

Wear and tear on the mould parting edge of a ROLL-RING 108 030 01, after 31,500 h of permanent operation on a luggage conveyor drive at the Frankfurt/Main Airport. No further wear and tear is visible.

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