Chain Tensioner

Minimum structure, universal function

Novel principles in simple, elementary mechanisms are seldom in technology. Our ROLL-RING chain tensioners are such an elementary mechanism. They are technically seen minimal mechanisms and their new principle of function is fantastically simple. The product series on this innovation was awarded the Innovation Prize of the State of Saxony, Germany.

The ROLL-RING chain tensioners are protected by German and international patents and trademark.

ROLL-RING in mehrreihiger Rollenkette
  • rolls elastically
  • self-adjusting
  • automatic
  • reversible mode
  • maintenance-free
  • one second fitment

Timing Belt Tensioner

The rotational elastic principle

The principle of the new tensioning and damping element for timing belt drives, based on the ROLL-RING chain tensioner by the EBERT Kettenspanntechnik GmbH, is the elastic ring, placed in the free space between the strands of the transmission.

The tension force, depending on the geometry of the ring and the synthetic material, is distributed on both strands specifically and adjusts itself automatically according the load proportions.
This system works independent of the rotational direction, this provides an important benefit with regards to reversible operation.

ROLL-RING Zahnriemenspanner AT-Profil
  • rolls hard-elastically
  • torque proportional
  • reversible
  • automatic
  • self-holding
  • maintenance-free

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