Benefits of chain tensioners

It is so easy ...

In the same time you take to read this sentence you can improve the quality of your chain drive, as ROLL-RING chain tensioners are mounted within seconds.

Normal supports as a basis for installation for chain drives, e.g. plates, struts, flanges, thread holes, … are no longer necessary.
They are pre-tensioned manually in the shape of an ellipse without requiring any tool, positioned between the chain strands and released. That makes them highly functional without requiring any tool and without any alignment or adjustment.

... to improve the quality of your chains.

ROLL-RING chain tensioners offer complex functional advantages, as they are chain tensioners and dampers in one. The chain tensioner is easily installed where space limitations prohibit the use of conventional chain tensioners.

As a result of their tensioning effect on both strands the ROLL-RING chain tensioner prevents a mutual deformation of the chain elements due to overrunning impact also in the load strand and the fluctuating distances between the joints.

The chain is prevented from moving onto the tooth flanks.

The ROLL-RING chain tensioners therefore improve the chain intake and the distribution of the whole load-force onto the teeth on the sprocket.

They take effect against the total of chain drive errors resulting from assembly, the sprocket and the chain, maintenance and dynamic of the chain drive. If the cumulative error of a chain drive of average quality is reduced to about 50% as a result of using quality chains and quality sprockets, the installation of a ROLL-RING chain tensioner additionally reduces this cumulative error to about 35% [1].

That improves the precision and the life of the chain drive considerably. At the same time the noise level of the chain drive is reduced by 2 to 5 dB(A), in the critical area with regard to industrial medicine by 85 dB(A).

[1] ”antriebstechnik” (drive engineering), No. 10/99, page 34

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