The old problem

  • Vibrations
  • Shocks
  • Wear

The innovation

  • Tensioner
  • Damper

Minimum structure, universal function

Novel principles in simple, elementary mechanisms are seldom in technology.

Our ROLL-RING chain tensioners are such an elementary mechanism. They are technically seen minimal mechanisms and their new principle of function is fantastically simple.  The product series on this innovation was awarded the Innovation Prize of the State of Saxony, Germany.

The new principle

The principle of ROLL-RING chain tensioners is based on two simple effects:

The elastic ring engages with the chain strands and rolls between them in a pre-stressed condition taking up the shape of an ellipse. The constantly opposing movements of the load and un-load strands cancel each other out, to the ”zero sum movement”, thereby holding the ROLL-RING in position.

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